Future Shows
Mostly now I am just out and about playing open mics in and around Charlotte to get some experience on stage. You can look for me at The Evening Muse, The Neighborhood Theatre, and the GWB&T, check their individual calendars to find out when they are having open mics. Even if I am not there you should go anyway--these are great places to meet some of the best Charlotte-area musicians and get to know them... and if you want to be sure to see me, email me and ask when and where I will be playing next.


Two Month Forecast - The list of upcoming shows that I will be attending as a fan (for those of you who are interested). Many of you are beginning to trust my musical taste and so here is my "Music to check out in the Charlotte-area" list. Many of the bands are both young and local and you've not heard them before but you should definitely check any and all of these out... and you'll be guaranteed to know at least one person there...

Monday, 01.31.05, 7 PM - Bright Eyes @ Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
Wednesday, 02.02.05, 11 PM - TRM @ Evening Muse
Friday, 02.04.05, 7 PM - Early November @ Tremont
Saturday, 02.05.05, 7 PM - Creative Currents Coffeehouse @ PUUC
Friday, 02.11.05, 10 PM - Poprocket @ Evening Muse
Saturday, 02.12.05, 9 PM - TRM @ GWB&T
Thursday, 03.03.05, 7 PM - Kyler England @ UNCC
Saturday, 03.05.05, 8 PM - Abe Reid, Kyler @ Evening Muse
Friday, 03.25.05, 10 PM - Pico Vs. Island Trees @ Evening Muse
Saturday, 04.02.05, 8 PM - TRM @ Evening Muse