I guess I will start at the beginning. I started playing guitar in March 2001, after I was inspired at Lake Eden Arts Festival in the mountains of North Carolina. For the next few months while I was learning the very basics there was only one guitar in the house for two guitarists, my dad and I both play. Any time he wasn't playing I was. My dad taught me three chords (D,C, and G) and then was distracted by his work. So I mostly taught myself while listening to my dad and the band Collapsis play. I took classical lessons for a while, but I gave that up once I had learned some basics of classical style so I could teach myself at my own pace (and not pay for it).

I blame my friend Anne for making me write. She is a friend of mine a I met over that same summer who challenged the way I thought about myself. So I was both writing and playing guitar, so naturally I ended up writing songs (though I do hate the constraints of rhythm in writing songs). Everything else just kind of happened, and I fell in love with guitar.

Thanks to Lauren...


My sound setup...

My first guitar was the same hand-me-down my dad was handed. So, my first guitar was an old Classical Yamaha G-55A that belonged to my mom, before she gave up guitar for piano. I didn't even really get to play that classical guitar until my dad bought his very pretty Taylor 514CE. I finally picked up my own guitar, a 2000 Takamine ENV460SC named Anabel.

I use Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 to record, with a rig through my Yamaha MG12/4 and M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard. I'll be recording a few demos to post on this website and I'll be recording all my own demo CDs using this setup.

To get an idea of what I sound like, here are a lot of the bands I like and listen to... which basically boils down to a few genres... mid-90's until present Rock/Alternative, Emo, and slow Acoustic Rock.

Athenaeum, Brian Vander Ark, Bright Eyes, Casual Havoc, Coldplay, Collapsis, Dave Matthews Band, Goo Goo Dolls,Jump, Little Children, Kansas, Led Zeppelin, Like Clockwork, Lookingback, Lorien, Matchbox 20, Mike Garrigan, Oasis, Pico Vs. Island Trees, Prevalent Heroes, Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins, Taylor Roberts Music, The Truth Is, The Verve Pipe, Tom Vella, Train...

Nathan Hammond