Taylor Roberts Music:

These guys rock, and happen to be my favorite band. Local.

Mike Garrigan:

Awesome guitarist, he's been a large influence on me. Local.

Stephen Kellogg:

The *best* live show I've ever seen, tons of fun on stage.

Pico vs. Island Trees:

A really great sound that I seem to keep trying to emulate. Local.

Jump, (Little Children):

A very eclectic band from Charleston that puts on a great show. Local.

The Brilliant Inventions:

Smart, funny, catchy, poppy, and sincere. Local.

Like Clockwork:

Interesting mix of samples, drum machines, and piano with an overlay of guitars. Local.

Washington Lane:

Features Thomas Harling and Mike Duncan of Casual Havoc and Prevalent Heroes. Local.

The Truth Is:

A band fronted by Domenic Sabol, reminds me of Bright Eyes and Like Clockwork. Local.

The Greek Embassy:

An eclectic sound that just hits the spot.

Josh Queen:

A guy definitely worth checking out if you like what I play. Local.

Bright Eyes:

Absolutely amazing lyrics from this guy. (go to bands, Bright Eyes)

Brian Vander Ark:

This is his solo effort outside of Verve Pipe, which he fronts.



Jay Garrigan (Poprocket):

Mike Garrigan's brother, just as talented, very indie.

Lisa Gianikos:

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Mentor for me... very helpful and talented.

An Epic At Best:

Random mistakes are typically good.

The Mile After:

Pop-punk at its harmonic best.


Saw them at a Battle of the Bands and was very impressed.

Kyler England:

An amazing voice, good guitar, and a classy lady.

Volatile Baby:

Three ladies who can pull off great vocal harmonies.



The Evening Muse:

Nice little "coffeehouse" in the North Davidson Arts District of Charlotte.

George Washington Bookstore and Tavern:

Excellently themed bar in Concord with a nice setup for music. The owner is cool too.

Amos' Southend:

A not too smoky bar with better acoustics than most places in Charlotte.

Tremont Music Hall:

A warehouse style venue that most of the big bands in Charlotte play, a concrete box.

Neighborhood Theatre:

Another venue in NoDa, good sound and a relaxed atmosphere.

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre:

The oversized, poor sounding concert venue where all national acts play.